The way to the ready hunting falcon 

                      It is cultivated by me every year approx. 60 falcons, by what the largest portion is put in the wild flight.





These turn mainly into herons and herring gulls by my long-standing experience as a professional

falconer 8 - 10 falcons chosen and wild ways intended open for the specific "Hunting" by me myself,

trained to the ready steeping in corrosive fluid falcon.


In these very aggressive and well-fortified wild ways the falcon needs a very high degree of courage and

self-confidences, that a long thorough education only can be reaching. Therefore and to bend a negative

consequence in the steeping in corrosive fluid behavior by property and stand changes forward is it

after my experience to hand in a hunting falcon with sufficient hunting experience advisably only in

the second or third year of life.


By the long and intensive work with my falcons I make an immediate steeping in corrosive fluid

success possible for the customer. The falcons of course are demonstrated live on request of the customer.